About Me

I grew up gardening alongside my Mum who was a passionate collector of plants.

She could only afford to buy one plant a week to add to our family garden so she bought a different one every week.  She would read up on every plant, learn its individual needs and make sure it was positioned in the correct spot and got the right care.  I never saw a plant die in our garden because it was designed to succeed.  I learned from a young age that a successful garden is a well-planned garden.  Along with my Dad, who built pergolas, decking, paths and garden edges they created gardens that functioned well and felt good to be in.  My 3 brothers and I were always involved with home and garden projects and all learned the right way to do things.

About Forrest Design

My husband and I bought our first home in 1997 and got to work renovating and creating outdoor living spaces immediately.  I watched every garden show and bought every gardening magazine and read them over and over.  Like my Mum and Dad, he was the builder and I was the gardener and together we created a home that everyone enjoyed coming to.

After visiting a herb farm around 12 years old I first discovered that plants could be used therapeutically.  Plants having medicinal qualities fascinated me and studying herbal medicine was the perfect blend of my love of science and nature.  I studied Natural medicine after secondary school and practiced as a Naturopath for 25 years.  I was drawn to the profession really because of plants and enjoyed that profession whilst raising 3 kids and spending my spare time in the garden.

As much as I enjoyed Naturopathy, I needed a change.

I went back to school to learn the skills necessary to prepare computerised landscape plans and gained a Diploma in Landscape Design.  I combined my lifelong learning of plant knowledge from and creating gardens and construction from renovating homes.  I started working on landscape plans for council permit applications for developments and I learned a lot about council regulations but missed the human interaction.  I decided gardens were all about the way humans interacted with them.

I now enjoy designing outdoor spaces to suit the people who live in them.  The garden design needs to respect the individual needs and wants of the people living there.  I love the problem-solving process, getting the best out of each site.

I enjoy the entire design process from the initial consultation to plan documentation.

I aim to communicate the reasons behind the design and plant selection, so it makes sense to the client and then document the plans to clearly convey the design to the landscape contractor.

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  • Mount Martha Victoria

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